If you’re looking to promote your properties in the Florida panhandle, you’re competing with many other properties in the marketplace. As increasingly prospective shoppers utilize technology to search for homes and property, why not use some awesome twenty-first-century tools that aid and draw attention to – and very almost certainly sell – your property? A Realtor in Atlanta, Jon Showe developed a 3D tour to help him quickly move properties in the Atlanta area. This technology set him apart from the other Realtors. In fact, Realtors and Builders have been wanting to make use of his technology after seeing the results. At Your3DGuy.com, we have all of this technology and more!

The following are 2 of the new tools that could help you sell your properties:

3D Property Tours

The days of a few still photos or a simple “pan-and-scan” video may be going by the wayside. With 3D technology, you have the feeling of actually being in the room you are looking at.
“They’re literally walking through it from room to room,” he explained.
Instead of watching a video that shows only limited views, his technology allows potential buyers to look at the property in the way they want to, at their own pace. In fact, each buyer will look at the property in his or her own unique way, navigating to specific points of interest, he pointed out.

The videos can be utilized with online listings, and prospective buyers can access them on their computers, tablets or smartphones.
The technology can even show a “dollhouse” view, which has the visual effect of removing the home’s roof and letting the viewer peer down inside.

The 3D tour is helpful for any buyer, including those who live outside the area. International buyers are frequently looking for properties in Florida, this gives them the opportunity to get an accurate, immersive view of a property without even visiting it.

Aerial Photography

Drones can be used to help show off your home’s location with photos or videos. While they’re probably not very useful for a property located on a small subdivision lot, Showe said, drones can effectively highlight a property that has a large, interesting lot with impressive landscaping, a creek or expansive pool area.
A drone can also be helpful if you live on a lake, next to a golf course or have another nearby view you’d like prospective buyers to be able to see – such as a gorgeous neighborhood with impressive properties and amenities.
Since the Federal Aviation Administration has rules that govern the commercial use of drones, you’ll either need to file a petition for a permit – which takes about 120 days – or use a company like Your 3D Guy.